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Pre Workout Samples

Pre Workout Samples

Try Pre Workout Samples by PreAktive

PreAktive is a performance enhancing pre workout mix, with proven ingredients at next level dosing. Everything a “pre” should be and more!

Each ingredient was carefully chosen and tested to help bring out your maximum potential. Let’s consider what you need before you hit the gym….


These are essential to having an awesome routine. And once you hit the weights, you’re also going to want to acheive an awesome PUMP. All that blood rushing to your muscles to aide in performance and repair makes you look like a so much better. Well, we got that too – and in a BIG WAY!

PreAktive dominates the competition with 10 grams of muscle swelling citrulline malate to keep your pump at its best. And you want it to last right? Of course you do. PreAktive wont fail in the middle of your work out like other brands do.

How can we ensure this? By including better dosing than our competitor of the key ingredients. Based on clinical and non-clinical studies, we included amounts that were proven to get results or better! We don’t skimp on our product.

Let us prove it with our pre workout samples


Why Pre Workout Samples? 

A “sample size pre workout” is a great way to try before you buy. We understand premium grade supplements can get expensive. You deserve to know just how well it will works before you shell out any of your hard earned money.

We totally get it. That’s why we offer our risk free single serve packets. They are the perfect way to put us to the test.

We know PreAktive pre workout samples are going to change the way you think about supplements. With just one packet you can experience the true power PreAktive offers. You’ll never want to miss a workout again.



Create Your Own Pre Workout Sample Pack

Amazingly, PreAktive comes in 10 Flavors. But with so many to choose from we know it can be difficult. So why get stuck with just one flavor? You can order as many as you like of each kind we make… there’s no limit!

Try one, two or even all ten delicious flavors. Create your own pre workout sample pack to satisfy your desires. If you like sour you can try flavors like green apple, cherry limeade and blue raspberry lemonade. A couple of our most popular flavors are black cherry and peach mango. And there’s still more to choose from.

Now it’s fun and easy deciding which flavor suits you best. No more getting locked into a full month of a “taste” you don’t care for. Create a sample pack, learn which ones your favorite and come back for a full bottle when your ready.

It’s really that simple.


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Is PreAktive For Women Too?

As we stated before, PreAktive is a strong, optimally dosed pre workout formula. Each packet contains the perfect amount of ingredients to maximize your potential. With 250mg of caffeine per serving, there’s ample amounts of smooth long-lasting energy.

With that being said, PreAktive works great for both men and women. Many women have found PreAktive to be a vital part of their routine, so go ahead ladies, enjoy a sample!


All Pre Workout Samples come with Free Shipping

What could be better than free shipping? Well probably awesome taste, great performance and mind-blowing results, but we got that too. Let’s see the competition do that. At only $2.99 a packet you can try every flavor risk free! Our Favorite is the Green Apple. Pick up your pre workout sample packet today!


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